Tennis & Pickleball

2020 Tennis Instructors

Evi Zafiris – Head Instructor – text or call 226-789-2217

Grady Simpson – Instructor – text or call 226-792-4913

Junior Tennis Lessons and COVID-19 Rules

Tennis COVID 19 rules are set in accordance with guidelines set by the Provincial and Regional governments along with the OTA and include the following:

By participating in lessons, you understand that while steps have been taken to minimize the transference of COVID 19, you assume the risk of contracting the virus.

  • Lessons will run M-F from 9-12  
  • If your child is going to miss a lesson or you will be away on vacation, please let Evi (head tennis instructor, 226-789-2217 text or phone) know so that another child can fill that spot.
  • Lessons are 35 minutes in length, with a 10-minute change over to allow for safe exit and registration of the next group
  • Registration and entry are at the main gate – hands must be sanitized upon entry. Parents and kids are asked to wear a mask when they arrive for sign-in. The space located at the entry/stairs/tennis sign-in area can make physical distancing more challenging when multiple families are present. Masks do not need to be worn during lessons as kids can be physically distanced on the court.
  • Exit will be the opposite side of the courts – parents can pick up younger kids at this exit on Alexmuir Place. We ask that families waiting in the basketball court area while their kids are taking tennis lessons to please remember to physically distance themselves from other families.
  • Evi and Grady will run their lessons separately with up to 4 kids on each court
  • Lessons will be training only – NO serving will be permitted
  • Tennis lessons are available for up to 4 participants per lesson
  • Unless from the same family, participants must remain 6’ apart during lessons
  • The instructor will provide the tennis balls and will be the ONLY person to touch the balls. Parents are asked to reinforce with their kids to NOT touch the tennis balls with their hands during lessons.
  • Participants will use their racquets or feet to appropriately roll the balls to the net for pick up by the instructor
  • Participants and instructor will remain on opposite sides of the court and maintain the physical distance of 6 feet
  • Participants must follow COVID-19 health guidelines including:
    • Complete the online COVID-19 screening form each lesson day; only participants who pass the form will be allowed to participate in lessons. Printed will also be available at the court but must be completed by an adult or the child cannot participate.
    • Sanitize hands before entering the court and leaving
    • Cough or sneeze into sleeve
    • If feeling unwell must leave the court
  • Tennis etiquette applies (see Tennis Etiquette section below)
  • The instructor reserves the right to stop the lesson if he/she feels the participants are not adhering to the COVID-19 rules set in place or the etiquette of the UB1 courts.

Lessons will be cancelled when it is raining or when the courts are wet.

Due to the many behavioural issues that have been reported by parents and the instructors over the last couple of years with the senior classes (ages 11+), UB1 will be implementing a Zero Tolerance policy.  Disruptive kids will be asked to leave the class and parents will be contacted.

Private Tennis Lessons

Private individual or group (junior or adult) lessons can be arranged directly for a fee with UB1 tennis instructors. COVID-19 rules apply. Please see the junior tennis lesson section above. 

Tennis Etiquette

  • Tennis or athletic shoes must be worn at all times on the court
  • Please wait until play finishes on neighbouring court if you need to retrieve a ball or walk to your court
  • Court reservations are limited to one hour per family per day if others are waiting
  • Please use the weekly sign-up sheet available at the back of the court by the pool to reserve your time (can be done up to a week in advance)
  • Reservations take precedence
  • Guests are only allowed to play with members
  • The courts are a wheel free zone unless required for mobility
  • Pets are not allowed on the courts with the exception of service dogs
  • Please take any garbage home with you
  • Please lock the courts when finished play

Doubles Tennis

If you are not playing with a family member, remain at least 2 meters apart per physical distancing guidelines and do not make any physical contact with other players on and off the court.  Each person must bring a can of balls and mark them. No one touches your tennis balls with their hands but you. To avoid too many balls on the court, only the player serving should have their three balls in play – the other players should put their balls aside or in their pocket. 


  • Register for a court time on the signup sheet at the back of court 1 
  • Sanitize your hands before entering the court, bring your own pen to register
  • Court play times are 55 minutes, allowing 5 minutes for you to exit the court before the next member’s time slot
  • Registered players get priority (only one reservation per day)


  • Arrive as close as possible to your time and wait outside of the courts if people playing – do not enter the courts – or sit on the benches to wait
  • Sanitize your hands before going on to the court


  • If a ball from another court comes to you, send it back with a kick or racquet
  • DO NOT enter the other court to retrieve your ball
  • If on court 2, do not go in and out of the court behind court 1 during your play


  • Sanitize your hands before touching the gate or lock 
  • Lock the gate if you are last to leave


  • Courts can be signed out for pickleball in the same way as tennis.