Association Policies


Members are welcome to bring guests to the pool, tennis courts and basketball courts. Just a reminder that a guest can only use the UB1 pool, tennis courts or basketball courts if they are with a member. If the member leaves, so must the guest. Each member can bring up to 2 guests at a time. The intention is that members can bring family or friends on an occasional basis only, not regularly throughout the summer. If family or friends are interested in joining UB1, please direct them to our UB1 Membership Director, to be added to the Associate Members waiting list. 

Please feel free to speak to the pool staff if you are unsure about bringing a guest to the pool. All guests must be signed in on the guest sheet and complete a swim test before entering the pool. 

Selling your home?

If you are selling your home, you may be entitled to recoup a portion of the membership fee from the purchaser. Please have your lawyer contact the UB1 treasurer, so that he can review your account and make  any adjustments on closing. This will also allow UB1 to update our membership database to include the new owners.