Advance Swim Sign-Up

  • As per last summer, members will be able to sign up for free swim, lane swim, aqua fit and adult swim time slots up to one week in advance.
  • Please include all members of the family who will be visiting the pool on the sign up form. Household members who are coming to watch need to be included on the form as they will be counted towards the maximum swim count of 40 in the pool area.
  • Please read all the points below before signing up.
  • Please click on the swim-sign up form link below to sign up for available free swim, lane swim, adult-only swim or Aquafit time slots up to two weeks in advance. The username and password to access the form was included in the pool opening email sent on June 9th. Please email if you need the password to be resent.
  • To promote fair access to the pool for all, please only sign up for a maximum of one time slot per day and consider others before signing up for numerous time slots over the two week period.
  • There are an average of 9 walk-in times for each free swim and Aquafit and 1 walk-in time each for the lane swim and adult swims.
  • You will receive a confirmation email if your form submission is successful. The sign-up forms will be monitored by the pool managers. For households with a nuclear family larger than 5 members, please sign up for 5 members and send an email to the pool manager at indicating the number of family members who will visiting the pool so accommodations can be made. No guests are permitted at the pool for this season.
  • New this year, the confirmation email will include a link to cancel your slot. You do not need to contact the guards if the number of family members planning to visit the pool changes (unless it changes to more than 5 household members) as we have some flexibility within the reserved time slots.
  • Time slots start on the hour and are 50 minutes in length to allow for sanitization between time slots.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your time slot begins. Time slots may be given to other waiting members if you arrive more than 10 minutes after your time slot begins.
  • To save time when you arrive at the pool, please fill out the online COVID-19 screening form each day that a family member visits the pool.

Swim Sign-Up Form