Pool Sign-Up Update

Dear UB1 members,

We are one week into our pool season and we hope that you have been able to enjoy our facilities thus far. The restrictions are new for everyone this year, and we are working hard behind the scenes to ensure a great season for all.

A few points to note based on observations and member feedback from the first week:

  • Though our online system shows that a free swim time slot may be full, there are at least 10 walk-in spaces available per hour so don’t be shy! From looking at our data collected over the past week, the least busiest times are between 11-1, and in the evenings. Future time slots become available on a two-week rolling (day-by-day) basis.
  • To ensure fair use of the pool and to promote equity among members – we ask that you please consider booking time slots every other day at most and use walk-in times to supplement.
  • We also ask that you vary the time of your free swim time slot bookings (e.g., not 1:00 each day) to allow others to use the pool.
  • We know that plans change or life happens, so if you need to cancel please call the guard office — just not showing up for a registered free swim, lane swim or adult swim is a potentially lost opportunity for your neighbours.
  • When sending your children to the pool unsupervised, please kindly remind them of social distancing and respecting the rules of the pool. There will be one reminder, then they will be asked to leave. If this is a reoccurring offence, they will not be able to attend the pool without a parent.

We hope to have more information about swim and tennis lessons later this week.

Thank you for your consideration and your support! Happy Canada Day!

UB1 Board of Directors