Week One Activities, Junior Tennis Update, Tennis Court Use Update

Please see below for information about UB1 activities,a junior tennis lesson update and an 8:00am tennis court time slot update.


We are pleased to have Sophia as our Activities Director & Lifeguard this year! She has created a fantastic summer calendar with some amazing weekly themes and activities planned for your family. Feel free to print the calendar to help you make plans. Details will be sent out for each theme and activity every week and will also be posted on the UB1 events calendar – just click on the activity (all activities and events are indicated in pink on the calendar) for details. Keep your eyes open for fun facts, challenges, and themes. Some activities will be online or completed at home. Watch your email inbox for weekly instructions and links to videos and trivia. 

Feel free to send in your pictures to show us how you are participating and please let us know if we have your permission to post these creations on our UB1 Facebook group. Please contact ub1guards@gmail.com for any questions about the activities.


UB1 is starting the Swim Around The World challenge this week! Collect stamps for the countries you “swim” through. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the summer if you complete the challenge. Print off your own tracker sheet  and bring it to the pool during free swim. Ask a guard to stamp your page when you have completed a country. Children in Splash 6B and above will complete the country’s set number in lengths and children under Splash 6B will complete widths. Stayed tuned for weekly activities where you can earn bonus stamps! Happy swimming!


The theme of the Week is Canadian Pride! Wear Red, White, or Canadian themed attire to the pool all week! 

Make It Monday:

This week is Canadian Pride week and for “Make it Monday”, you will be making your very own Canadian flag! Paint or colour the sides of a white piece of paper red and place a red hand print in the middle as your maple leaf. Use your creativity and add stickers, glitter or anything extra to your flag! Below is a sample flag which can be used as a guideline. When you’re done your craft, hang up the flag in a window in your house to spread your Canadian pride in the community!

Stay tuned for fun facts, Wild Card Wednesday, and Trivia Thursday details on the UB1 events calendar later this week! We look forward to seeing you and your family participate in our first week of activities!

Junior Tennis Lesson Update

There have been a few changes to the lessons, parents will have been contacted directly if there were any changes to their child’s schedule. Should we have missed someone, please bear with us the first couple of days while we continue to work the bugs out!  Evi and Grady will see the Monday / Wednesday groups tomorrow.   Please arrive 10 minutes early for lessons, social distance upon arrival and remember to have an adult submit the COVID-19 form as you would for swimming. Please direct questions to Evi at 226-789-2217.  She will not, however, be available during lesson time. Thank you for your patience.

Tennis sign up sheet – 8:00 am time slot

As junior tennis lessons get started and run from 9:00am-12:00pm each week day, we ask that members signing up for the 8:00 tennis court time slot only do so once a week so everyone has a fair chance of playing at this popular time. Reservations will be for adults only. If the courts are not reserved at this time, then walk ons are on a first-come first-served basis. We ask that you plan to leave the courts promptly at 8:55am so lessons can begin at 9:00am.