End of season newsletter

Hello UB1 families,

That’s a wrap!

As October begins with optimism for a more normal fall and winter, we would like to take the time to thank you for your support and patience over the past COVID-restricted summer. Although restrictions remained, we were able to maintain a full schedule of activities for kids and adults.  

As we review 2021 as a Board and start planning for 2022, we ask that you please complete a  5- minute, UB1 end of season census. The census will help us to update our understanding of our UB1 community so we can better tailor the facilities and services to the needs of the membership. We would like to hear from all member households, regardless of how often your household has used the UB1 facilities or services. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey that was sent to you via email on October 4th. If you have any questions about the survey or would like the survey link resent to you, please contact Beth McLay.

We would like to thank the amazing guard team this year who made so many activities possible such as movie nights, Halloween, the triathlon, aquafit, talent night, dance, sport and syncro camps and carnival night. Thank you – Abby (manager), Marly (assistant manager), Sophia (head guard), Lia, Ben, Sarah, Meredith, Aaron, Aidan and Vanessa. Your enthusiasm for your community made time spent at UB1 fun and safe for all!   

After 6 years on the UB1 staff, with 4 years as manager, we would like to wish Abby Saunders all the best as she retires from UB1. Abby has been a part of UB1 since she was two years old. We appreciate all your leadership at UB1, Abby. Best of luck on your path ahead.

Thank you as well to the UB1 social committee with a special shout out to Cindy Desbiens and Amy Wallbridge for organizing some wonderful adult events like movie night, virtual cooking, meditation and star gazing classes and the Adult Social complete with live entertainment. It was so nice to be able to gather in person for the evening.  

To close the season, the second annual traveling ice cream truck was a big hit again – thank you Jen and Jenna for providing this great opportunity for neighbours to come together at the end of summer.

Coming this Fall
You will notice some activity at the facility beginning this week. An extensive landscape project designed to spruce up the grounds, including some necessary tree maintenance and new plantings, will be implemented as the first step to beautifying the property. Thank you to Norma Scott for planning and leading this initiative. The results will be a fresh new look for spring.

Although the pool is closed, please keep an eye out for newsletters as the committee has planned Fall and Winter events! The UB1 website is also back up and running so please check it as well.

Finally, thank you to your volunteer Board of Directors, Steve Bienkowski, Jenna Ferguson, Jen Hamilton, Beth McLay, Matt Wells, Norma Scott, Art and Sue Winters and Cindy Desbiens who continue to work tirelessly behind the scenes on your behalf. 

I wish you a wonderful and safe fall.

In health,