Community Ice Rink

Dear UB1 members,

Thank you to all the members who completed the UB1 survey. We received responses from 52% of covenant member households and 54% of associate member households.  As the Board will be using this information to help guide the decisions made about the UB1 facilities and services (i.e., lessons, social events, fees etc.,) if you haven’t completed the  5- minute survey yet, we ask that you please do so now.  We have kept the survey open for a little longer. All survey responses are anonymous. We would like to hear from all member households, regardless of how often your household has used the UB1 facilities or services. 

Community Ice Rink 

The survey feedback received so far shows that two thirds of members have some or a lot of interest in an ice rink at UB1 – Wow! Given this high level of interest, the Board will be looking into the logistics and costs to see if an ice rink can be built at UB1, However, in the meantime for this winter, one of our members (thanks Gary H.!) has contacted the city to see if we can utilize their resources. The good news is that there is already a planned ice rink at the baseball diamond at Regency Park (Fischer-Hallman and Regency) for this year if enough volunteers are willing to maintain it (i.e., flood the ice, shoveling off snow). If we have enough volunteers, the city will put up the boards and supply the equipment and water. Lots of members indicated in the survey that they would be willing to help with the rink so hopefully we have enough volunteers to get the Regency Park ice rink up and running this year! 

To volunteer, please sign up at by November 15th. When filling out the form, please ensure that you fill out Regency Park as the ice rink at which you want to volunteer. Please note that volunteers must be 16 years of age or older. Please see screen shots below:

Once you are registered, you are redirected to the Opportunities page in the Volunteer Services portal. Please click on either Ice Rink Convenor or Ice Rink Volunteer.