COVID-19 News and Community Help

It is quiet in the Upper Beechwood 1 community. This is not as expected as we look forward to Spring BUT as it should be during this unprecedented time of the global coronavirus (COVID -19) pandemic. As fear of the unknown is creating anxiety, it is comforting to see the community respecting the seriousness of the spread of the virus – quarantining when necessary and practicing ‘social distancing’ in order that we all may be safe.

Life today is different and it is challenging us to slow down and consider what is important – to be creative in our communications with friends and love ones, to enjoy the outdoors in independent activities, to find new ways to exercise our minds and bodies during this pause in order to keep healthy, and to reach out with kindness to help those who may be in need at this time.

If you or your family is quarantined or needs help to get groceries or any other essential items, please email Monica at: If there are any members willing to put their name on a support list to help neighbours in need, please let Monica know.  

For the most up to date information:

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