Swim lesson sign up information and sunscreen use reminder


Today is swim lesson sign up starting at 4:00pm in the tennis courts. 

As you may know, UB1 is switching programs this year from Red Cross to the City of Waterloo swim program. This should make transitions between summer swimming lessons at UB1 and winter swimming lessons at city facilities easier to navigate. It also means that lessons will have different names for the levels and will practice slightly different skills. We have provided a conversion table below to help you determine your child’s swimming level in advance of tomorrow. If you don’t remember your child’s swimming level, our lifeguards will discuss it with you tomorrow in person. 

Due to COVID-19, swim lesson sign up tomorrow will act to assess interest in swimming lessons for session 1. The lifeguards will not be able to provide you with the dates and times of your child’s swimming lessons tomorrow. Since we are only able to have 6 swimmers (+ their parent/guardians) per class, we will use the number of swimmers from each level (which we will learn from sign up!) to determine the number of classes needed per level. This will then allow us to schedule our lessons.

Please bear with the UB1 lifeguards during this process – we are learning  and adjusting to this process along with everyone else. We are hoping for lessons to begin the week of July 6th, however we are unsure how our sessions will look given the limit of 6 swimmers per class. Please remember during sign up that for all levels under Splash 6B (Swim kids 5!), a guardian will be required to be in the water for each child. The guardian can be a parent, older sibling, or babysitter who is above the age of 12 and is a confident enough swimmer to support the child in their lesson- this will be at the discretion of the instructor!

Please attend in person (please remember to wear a mask) to sign up your child(ren) for swim lessons to allow for any discussion required to ensure your child is placed in the right swimming level. Phone call sign ups at 519-725-5385 will be accepted only if you are unable to sign up in person. Email will no longer be accepted for lesson registration. 

 We look forward to starting swimming lessons at UB1 this summer! 


We ask members to please use lotion sunscreen only at UB1, as opposed to aerosol (spray on) type sunscreen.  Two of our members have a severe allergy to sunscreen. The aerosol spray spreads through the air and will cause severe respiratory problems for these two members if inhaled.  

If you prefer spray sunscreen, please apply it at home before coming to UB1 and then send lotion to reapply as needed while you are at the pool.

See you at the pool!