Weekly Update

Please see below for facility updates and fun, new weekly activities.

New lane swim time slots and expanded adult swim

  • Due to popular demand, lane swim times have been added to Sunday (9:15am) and Friday (8:45am, 9:30am and 10:15am) and can be booked through the swim sign up form. Up to two members from the same household are able to sign up together and share a lane. 
  • Adult swims have been expanded to accommodate up to 29 adults. The swim sign-up form has been changed to accept up to 10 total time slots of up to 2 people per household. 
  • An Aquafit class has been added on Sundays at 10:00am. Up to 29 spots are available. 10 time slots for up to 2 people from the same household can be booked in advance through the swim sign-up form. 
  • There are walk-in time slots reserved for each lane swim, adult swim and aquafit class (please the note below about walk-ins). 

Pool trespassing

  • Over the past weekend, trespassers broke into the pool overnight on Friday night. Some damage was sustained to the pool fencing. Due to new security cameras installed last year, the trespassers have been captured on video and the police have been called. 


  • It is rare that the pool is full! Even if the sign-up form indicates a time slot is full, there are always time slots reserved for walk-ins for all free swims (9+ spots), adult swims (9+ spots), aquafit classes (9+ spots) and lane swims (2+ spots). Don’t be shy and come out to swim!


  • If you have signed up for a time slot and can no longer make that time, please remember to call the pool at 519-725-5385 or email ub1guards@gmail.com and cancel so others can plan to enjoy the pool. 
  • Please remember to wear a mask when waiting to enter the swimming pool or tennis courts.
  • Up to 10 people can use the basketball court at a time. If individuals using the court are not from the same household, social distancing or masks are required. 
  • The tennis instructors will be contacting all current tennis lesson students via email to confirm if they want to register for session 2 starting July 20. If new kids are interested in participating in lessons, please email upperbeechwood1tennis@gmail.com

Week Two Activities

Thanks for all your participation in Canada week last week! Remember to collect extra stamps for the activities you participate in during the week. Collect the stamps on your tracker page that you use for the Swim Around The Worldchallenge. Print it off at home, or UB1 can provide some copies for those who don’t have access to a printer.

Don’t forget to continue to participate in the Swim Around the World challenge this week and congratulations to everyone who completed the Canadian trivia this past week! The trivia was tricky, remember that the Raptors were not Canada’s first NBA team, the Huskies were! See below for this week’s trivia!

This upcoming week is Hallowe’en Week! There will be lots of Hallowe’en decorations at the pool, and a chance to send in pictures of you in your favourite costume! 

Make-it Monday

We will be making toilet paper monsters! The pool will provide craft kits with toilet paper rolls, googly eyes and one other craft supply that you can be creative with. Fill out THIS FORM to pick up a craft kit from the pool on Monday or Tuesday. The craft kits will be distributed on a first- come first- served basis but the craft can also be made with home supplies. Colour your toilet paper roll by painting it, gluing construction paper or with markers. Put on googly eyes and design the “hair” however you want! Take a look at the sample craft for inspiration! Hole punch at the top and hang up your monster for your very own Halloween decoration! 

Wild Card Wednesday

Get dressed up in your favourite Halloween costume and send pictures to ub1guards@gmail.com. The most creative costumes will get an award and be featured on Facebook as long as you give permission for the pictures to be posted. Collect stamps for your participation! 

Hallowe’en Trivia Thursday

Fill out this form for this week’s Halloween trivia! Remember that you can get prizes at the end of the year with the stamps you collect for participation!

Have a great week!