Weekly Update – July 19th

Please see below for UB1 updates and fun, new activities for the week ahead.

Weekly Update

Member survey reminder

  • Please take a few minutes to fill out the short member survey about your UB1 experience so far this summer. We have heard from just over 50% of members and would like to hear from all member households, regardless of how often your household has used the UB1 facilities. We value your input! Thank you to those members who have already participated. The survey closes this Wednesday, July 22nd.
  • The survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Please have only one adult member fill out the survey on behalf of your household.

Swim lesson sign-up- Thursday, July 23rd

  • Swim lesson sign up for August will take place on Thursday, July 23rd starting at 4:00pm on the basketball court. As per the July session, swim lesson sign up will act to assess interest in swimming lessons for session 2 that will start the week of August 3rd. Please note that the lifeguards will not be able to provide you with the dates and times of your child’s swimming lessons on Thursday. The guards will use the swim lesson sign- up information to determine the number of classes needed per level. The aim is to maximize the number of lessons per child.  A schedule of lessons will be available the week before August swim lessons start.
  • Please remember that for all levels under Splash 6B a guardian will be required to be in the water for each child. The guardian can be a parent, older sibling, or babysitter who is above the age of 12 and is a confident enough swimmer to support the child in their lesson- this will be at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Please attend in person (please remember to wear a mask) to sign up your child(ren) for swim lessons to allow for any discussion required to ensure your child is placed in the right swimming level. Phone call sign ups at 519-725-5385 will be accepted only if you are unable to sign up in person. Due to the volume of correspondence, email will not be accepted for lesson registration. 


  • Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6:00pm are reserved for adult swims. Families who would like to swim those evenings are encouraged to come to the pool at 5:00pm or 7:00pm.
  • In case of inclement weather, guards will be posting pool closure and re-opening times on the UB1 Facebook page. Visit https://www.facebook.com/upperbeechwood1. Please note that any registered swim times that are missed during pool closures due to weather will need to be rebooked.

Week Three Activities

Thanks for your participation in all the events last week! Remember to ask for extra bonus stamps for your participation in weekly events. Bonus stamps can be added to the bottom of the second page of the Swim Around The World tracker . The answers for the Canada Week and Halloween Week trivia will be posted under the Trivia Thursday event on the website this Monday. 

This week is Science Week at the pool! During Science Week, there will be fun at home science experiments to try, the pool will be decorated with interesting science facts and there will be science trivia to fill out! At the end of the week, a video will be shared on the Facebook page showing some of the guards trying out the science experiments!

Make-it Monday

This week for Make-it Monday, you will be doing a couple easy at-home science experiments!  We love to see pictures of the activities you do at home, and maybe we will feature them on the UB1 facebook page. Email us your pictures at ub1guards@gmail.com. Below are the instructions for the experiments:

First experiment – Pepper in water: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho0o7H6dXSU

  • You will need pepper, a plate, water and dish soap.
  • Pour some water into the plate. Sprinkle some pepper onto the surface of the water.
  • Dip your finger into the dish soap
  • Place your finger into the centre of the plate. Watch as the pepper scatters to the edge of the plate!

Second experiment – Cornstarch and water

Cornstarch and water creates a non-Newtonian fluid, meaning it has properties of both a solid and liquid. 

  • You will need 1 part water and 1.5 to 2 parts cornstarch
  • Start with the water in a bowl and add the cornstarch a bit at a time.
  • Keep stirring until it has a gooey consistency. You may want to use your hands.
  • Play with it! Notice how you can slowly put your hand through it, but when you squeeze, it feels like a solid!

Wild Card Wednesday

This week for Wild Card Wednesday, share your favourite science fact with the guards. Submit your science fact through this google form, or come tell us when you visit the pool! We will write down the science fact on a sticky note and tape it somewhere around the pool. When you come to the pool, look around for the science facts that everyone has submitted.

Trivia Thursday

Fill in this week’s science trivia! Remember to come collect extra bonus stamps when you participate in trivia and extra activities! The answers will be posted next Monday under Trivia Thursday in the events calendar on the website.

Have a great week!

UB1 Board of Directors and Pool Staff