Weekly update – July 26

Please see below for lots of UB1 pool and tennis updates and fun, new activities for the week ahead including a Movie Night and a Yoga Night!

Weekly Update

Pool News

Thank you very much to the 138 members who filled out the member survey last week. Highlights of the survey results are included at the end of this weekly update. We received lots of positive feedback and suggestions. We are listening! Please see below for some changes and reminders:

  • Please consider walk-in time slots for the pool. According to the survey, 97% of members who have tried the walk-in time slots either had no wait, or only a short wait to use the pool. 36% of members have not tried the walk-in time slots. Please come out to swim! It is rare for a time slot to be at capacity. 
  • Free swim time slots have now been extended to 50 minutes with 10 minutes allotted for cleaning in between. 
  • Members can now stay in the pool area if they would like to stay longer than their 50 minute time slot. Members will be asked to wait on the pool deck at their table as guards clean. If there are no members waiting to use the pool for the next time slot or the pool capacity of 29 swimmers has not been met, they can resume swimming.
  • To promote fairness for all members, the online swim registration has been changed to allow members to sign up for free swim, lane swim, adult swim and aquafit one week in advance (as opposed to two weeks). We are hoping this change will also minimize the number of no shows. 
  • Pool capacity has changed to 29 swimmers. Members who come to the pool who are not  swimming no longer count towards the pool capacity, i.e., parents bringing their kids to the pool who just want to watch their kids swim. When registering, please indicate the number of swimmers only. Please note that COVID-19 forms still need to be completed for all members using the facility whether they are swimming or not.
  • Members are reminded to always wear a mask when signing in at the pool to protect the guards and other members.
  • Members are encouraged to call by-law if they see groups playing basketball on the courts who are not social distancing (and not from the same household).

Tennis Lesson Sign Up – by July 31st

The tennis courts have been well used this past month!
We are halfway through Session 2 of tennis lessons. Session 3 of junior tennis lesson begins the day after the Civic Holiday from August 4-7 and August 10-14. Please fill out this Google Form for Tennis Session 3 by next Friday July 31st if you want to sign up your child for tennis lessons during the first two weeks of August.

Please continue to use the sign up system on the courts to book an hour block for playing tennis. Remember to bring your own hand sanitizer for sign up. Out of courtesy for other members, please consider not signing up at the same time each day.

August Swim Lessons

The pool staff are busy arranging the swim lesson levels for August. The swim lesson schedule will be distributed later this week.

Yoga Night!

UB1 will offering a yoga night on August 5th at 8 p.m. on the basketball courts. The cost is $5 payable to the instructor on August 5th. To ensure we have enough interest, please register for a spot.

Week Four Activities

Hey UB1, I hope you enjoyed Science week last week! Answers for the science trivia will be posted on the website on the events calendar. Checkout this video to see how the guards did with the science experiments! We especially loved how cool the cornstarch and water mixture turned out. 

This week is Under the Sea week. There are plenty of fun activities planned including a movie night

Make-it Monday

This week make some fun under the sea crafts using paper plates. If you don’t have any paper plates at home, we have some in the guard office that you can use. Ask when you come to the pool to get one from the guards! Create cute fish and octopus and bring them into the pool when you’re done so we can hang them around the pool. 


Wild Card Wednesday

On Wednesday July 29th, there will be a mystery movie night at the pool! The movie will be family appropriate and G rated and is related to the under the sea theme for next week. Please bring your own chairs, blankets and snacks. Families will be spaced 2 meters apart on the basketball courts. The movie will start at 9PM so come around 15 minutes before to get settled in. Please fill out this sign up form if you plan on attending! We look forward to seeing you there!!

Trivia Thursday

Fill out this week’s under the sea related trivia! The answers to this trivia will be shown after you complete it!

Member Survey Highlights

  • 63% of members who responded are using the pool at least once a week.
  • 91% who have used the online swim sign up form report that it is a smooth system or that they have experienced a few glitches, but it has mostly been a positive experience.
  • Availability of time slots and not being able to cancel online are cited most often as some of the challenges. As a result, we have moved to a one week advance booking system and members are encouraged to use the walk-in time slots, which are rarely at capacity. Unfortunately, our online system does not allow for cancellations. Members are asked to email or phone the guard office at 519-725-5385 to cancel their time slot. 
  • 87% indicate that other members are respectful or very respectful of personal space and distancing at the pool.
  • 71% stated they are satisfied or very satisfied with using the pool so far this summer. 23% stated they were neither dissatisfied nor satisfied.
  • The UB1 activities that have the most member participation are:
    • Free swim (73% of members)
    • Swim lessons (47% of members)
    • Use of tennis courts (33% of members)
  • 50% have children who participate in swim and/or tennis lessons
  • 78% rate their overall experience with swim or tennis lessons as good or very good
  • 80% are aware that there is a new activities theme for kids each week
  • 44 members provided additional positive statements about the UB1 facilities, pool staff or board of directors. Some examples include:
    • “I find swimming very pleasant with only the allowed number of people in the pool plus I like the time limits. It gives everyone a fair chance to enjoy the pool”
    • “Really appreciative of all the hard work put together by all with respect to following health & safety guidelines.The pool facilities team has been very professional, friendly and open to addressing concerns from the community.”
    • “It would be great for swims to extend beyond 45 minutes without swimmers having to get out and wait for 15 minutes.” Note from the Board: We hear you! We have extended the time slots to 50 minutes and members can stay if there are no others waiting.
    • “Thank you very much to the guards and tennis instructors who are doing a fantastic job – my kids really enjoy their swimming and tennis!”
    • “Our family has been enjoying the “swim around the world” challenge at the pool. We’ve found the booking system and length of time of the slots very convenient.”
    • “I have been pleasantly surprised that they [the guards] are flexible and accommodating when I have arrived after the hour for a “walk-in” swim. Sometimes I want just a 15-minute swim so I like that I can go to the pool anytime during free swim.”
    • “We would like the option to bring guests on a walk in basis”. Note from the Board: Unfortunately, due to the reduced capacity of the pool, we are not able to accommodate guests this summer.
    • “What has been put in place for managing use of the pool under the present circumstances is working well to keep us safe.”
    • One thing that we miss, that certainly adds to the ‘cool’ feeling of the pool and that could potentially be used, is the music. If it is a safety measure, we totally understand. Note from the Board: We will turn up the tunes!
    • “We are new this year and very happy to have the use of the pool. The staff are excellent!”
    • “Overall I think you’ve done well with operating within the restrictions. I wish the kids could have at least 2 swimming lessons each week.” Note from the Board: Please know that we are doing are very best to accommodate the many children who use UB1 for swimming lessons while keeping within the rules for physical distancing to keep everyone safe.
    • “Firstly, thank you for all of the accommodations in place for safe use of our shared community space. Your work is very much appreciated. Some people sign up for all the best tennis times at the beginning of the week. Perhaps they could be encouraged to choose a variety of time slots?” Note from Board: Noted and communicated.
    • “So grateful for the sun and wind and water and people. And cleanliness! Thank you!”
    • “Thank you for all the work that has been put into keeping our families and the guards safe. This ever changing health situation is not one that is easy to work with and not only have you provided families with a safe, wonderful experience, you have done it with ease. Thank you for all your time and diligence, it had been another great year at UB1.”

Have a great week!

UB1 Board of Directors and Pool Staff